Lie Down

5 Comfort Tips During Quarantine

Photo by Vadim Kaipov on Unsplash

Him: “Eating while walking doesn’t count.”

Me: “So is fart walking any different?”

When you live alone during a pandemic there are no excuses. And sometimes there are benefits like dropping your shoes wherever you want, washing the dish pile whenever you want, (or not) and always getting the last word when talking to yourself. Covid-19 has left us all in a state of the unknown. Much despair, huge challenges, and life altering shifts. Re-do, start over, throw away. We seek comfort during such turmoil and ambiguity. Food provides a comfort, or evokes a break up. Folks either shred away the extra pounds, or are introduced to covid-15.

In the mornings, I’ve been really good at making fruit smoothies.

I get side tracked or distracted when I’m making something, and it’s usually because of my relationship. We’ve been together a long time, are very attracted to one another, and even just sitting together, bloated with desire. Cheers my California king of comfort. So glad I found you, that my family loves you, and no matter where I go you are with me. I can’t quit you.. my adoring salt. Yet, it’s always been strange to me that what we call “comfort foods” are in the form of all things bad for us: cake, ice cream, chips. Things to help us “feel better” ultimately to make us sick. But what would it be like otherwise?

“Janice this break up is so awful, I just want to crawl up and cry for days.”

“I’m so sorry!” “How bout a good flick with some gluten free kale bark, under this plant based wool blanket made from recycled corn husks, brillo pads and hay?”

Comfort -IF-able?

During these uncertain times, do yourself a favor and allow yourself to indulge in comforts whatever they may be: carmel or cauliflower, carrots or crust, cucumbers or cake, no matter how it’s sliced. Now, please pass the doritos.

5 Tips to Find the Phat:

  1. Eat, walk, mask. (In reverse order!).

Originally published at on August 24, 2020.



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